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Aymeric Harter is a young, fresh actor dedicated to physical transformation. His commitment to physical wellbeing, and close-combat experience have made him a valuable stunt performer. Working throughout France, Belgium, and Luxembourg, he has proven the ability to play a wide range of roles. From YouTube to the big screen, Aymeric brings action and excitement to every project he works on.


I’m readily available for a wide range of cinematic projects, whether they be professional or independent, small-scale or large-scale. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me through the contact portion of this website to exchange information about your upcoming plans !


Likewise, I’m eager to dive into any type of voiceover projects. As previously mentioned, I’m well-versed in a range of tones and different voices and would be happy to put my skills on display. For an immediate showcase of my ability, please check out the Hearthstone portion of my experiences page where I Provided previous examples.


Aymeric Harter was born in Thionville, to Anne (né Frentz), a nurse and Francis Harter, a locksmith.Basically, nothing predestined Aymeric to be interested in the world of cinema. His career is even rather atypical.Very quickly he realizes that he is comfortable with computers, and decides to follow his professional training in this environment. He quickly obtained a Masters in Computer Science.

Aymeric Harter graduated from Metz University valedictorian and was recognized in 2008 as Best in IT of Northeast France. he is very interested in cyber secuirty and spends a lot of time studying the darknet.Interested in the functioning of the brain, he also undergoes training in neuro-linguistic programming, and sophrology. His taste and gift for learning neuroscience have allowed him to learn a lot about bhuman behavior. These skills he applies in the world of cinema, making his acting so realistic that audiences can be surprised.He also learning the piano on his own, at the age of 30.

It is at the bend of a gym that his path will turn to the cinema. A producer was looking for actors with brawling physique. Aymeric was chosen for the role and little by little he made his way here.As a veritable actor, Aymeric is realizing his own stunts, allowing him to get deeper in all the characters he is playing.

A fan of combat sports, Aymeric feels comfortable in different styles, from Krav Maga to Jiu Jitsu.Aymeric also served as a volunteer firefighter, earning top awards for athleticism, firefighting skills, paramedics, and leadership.In 2018, Aymeric was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome which disabled his leg for several months.

Aymeric has made a full recovery.

Aymeric has trained with famous actors.

Method Acting, Meisner, Chekhov, Stanivslavski, technic of acting, call up emotion, develop a character, strengthen, awareness, and much more...

Richard Sammel

Technic of Acting, call ip emotion, develop a character, strengthen awareness and much more...

Edouard Montoute

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CUC - Campus Univers Cascade
Professional Stunt School
December 2021

Start Shooting a whole new movie called Monsieur J

MARCH 2022

Release date of "Sous les étoiles Noires"

APRIL 2022

Release date of "Monsieur J"

New ShowReel
JUNE 2022

Start of Shoot of the new ShowReel "JamesBond" based

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